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I Am Not Enough, But God…

I am not enough.

That’s not a feel-good truth,

But it’s Truth nonetheless.

Truth I need to hear.

Truth I must acknowledge.

Truth I have experienced.

I am not enough.

The world tries to tell me I am.

It tells me I’m beautifully imperfect,

But I know all too well…

There’s nothing beautiful about the mark of sin.

Sin tainted my life from the day I was born.

It’s like my adorable niece,

Who has learned at the tender age of two how to say “no”

Loud and clear for all to hear.

Imperfection is engraved in our bones,

And we are not enough.

I am not enough,

But there is One without blemish

Who sits on His throne above

In a heavenly realm I cannot yet touch.

The Sovereign One took my wounds,

My brokenness, my shame, my loneliness…

My heart.

He made me new; He made me whole.

He took my sin upon Himself

And washed me in His love.

I am not enough–

I never will be,

And that’s okay.

My Savior rescued me from the miry clay

And said, “From this day You are mine, and I am with you always.”

I am not enough.

But a Voice of thunder inside my soul

Keeps a steady rhythm, whispering all the time,

“I AM”.

~ “On Christ the solid rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand…” ~


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