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Author. Singer. Actress.
My King is a dragon-slayer.


“Take my instruction and not silver, and knowledge rather than choicest gold. For wisdom is better than jewels; and all desirable things cannot compare with her.” Proverbs 8:10-11

There was a time that I stood at a door not meant for me to open.

Not meant for me to walk through,

Nor meant for my eyes to behold the contents inside.

I had journeyed down the straight and narrow

But somehow gone off course.

I arrived at the door, half rusted, half adorned with silver and golden swirls.

The door envoked in me a sadness and a longing–

The emotions neither wicked nor wrong.

“Maybe,” I told myself–

“Maybe everything would be alright…If I just opened the door and sneaked a peek.”

I reached for the knob, grabbed ahold, twisted,

Pushed open the door a crack…

Only a crack.

Then Wisdom stood in my way.

She tapped my shoulder and shook her head.

“Not now,” she said…”Perhaps not ever.”

She told me I must wait.

“God’s timing is perfect,” said she, “You know that…

So wait | Lean | Trust | Hope | Pray

Close the door;

Come back to the narrow path.”

With sorrow I shut the door.

Through tears I walked away–

A death, but a good death.

And so joy and peace were found again.





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