Jessica Christine Musgrove

Author. Singer. Actress.
My King is a dragon-slayer.

Evergreen and the Silver Tree

Stolen captives. Silver hands. Deception’s spell.

To restore truth, Evergreen and Henry must learn to stand tall amidst the fear coiled around Ezra City, or else remain trapped in the dragon king’s lies…

When Henry, a sullen boy, wakes up in another realm with no memories, he is gripped by fear, until a friendly foxglove offers to lead him to the light dwelling within the fruit of the silver tree. There, he retrieves his memories, and with them, heart-wrenching regret. Will Henry find hope as the dragon king’s prisoner?

Ten years after the disappearance of her first-grade classmates, Evergreen is haunted by the cold case. Driven by the persistent echoes of a scream for help rattling her mind, she seeks evidence in the cavern where her friends vanished. In the darkness, she’s thrust into an enchanted world of wood-carving gnomes, invisible sprites, talking sparrows, and goblin spies hiding in the beguiling forest. Joy swells in her heart when she finds her classmates, until she learns a dragon king’s deceptive curse has given them false memories of a life never lived, and it is her task to restore the truth and lead them all in a battle for freedom.

When Evergreen is interrogated by the dragon king’s bitter servant, his cold silver hands send shivers through her spine, but she soon realizes he may be the only one who can help her unravel the lies.

Will Evergreen rise up and become the warrior she is called to be?

“Your characters rang true in the midst of this intricate, adventure-filled fantasy tale. The resolution brought every mystery, as well as the villain to a satisfying end. Your world building was revealed gradually and kept me engaged. I can tell you worked hard on this novel. Great job!”

— Laurel Thomas, Novelist & Writer’s Coach

“There was a heaviness in Nest’s voice, as though the false memories Paladin had given her were all too real.”

“The far-off look in Nest’s eyes revealed she could recall vivid details of Paladin’s attack upon the human villages. Vivid, horrifying details of an attack that never happened upon a home that never existed.”

“All her life, her parents had wanted her to loosen up. To be young. To be confident. To take risks. To leap. To twirl. To let go.”

“Green twirled around with her hands up in the air, feeling awkward at first, but then something changed… The more she twirled and stretched up her hands, the more she was reminded that the Pure One was in control… The more she spun and let go of herself, the more she realized that this feeling of dancing with child-like abandonment was what surrender was like. Complete freedom.”

“‘Truth ever shall remain,’ Evergreen said again, a tear sliding down her cheek. The Truth. Jesus.”

“Paladin could steal everything from the humans except for their faith in the Pure One. All this time, Evergreen was certain Paladin thought he had won. He had been undefeated for years, after all. But — ‘The Pure One sits on His throne,’ said Gideon.”

“A thick fog danced around the mountain like pulsing waves, as though it had a mind of its own.”

“While Green continued to stare, some of the fog stopped its dance, gathered itself into a ball, and shot itself up into the air like a firework about to erupt in umbrella form. As the fog drifted back down, it did so in jagged, sharp motions to the left and to the right, creating the shape of an evergreen tree. It’s as if the fog was saying, ‘Tell the truth. No more lies.'”

“‘I don’t think I can do this,’ he said. ‘Do what?’ Hickory looked into the foxglove’s eyes. ‘Be brave like you.'”

“‘You can be brave,’ Michiko said. ‘You’ve already been brave. Truth be told, you’re helping me be brave. That’s what friends do.'”

“Branch stabbed the ground with his shovel. ‘I hope Paladin rots one day for all the misery he’s caused.'”

“‘I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high,’ said Buckeye. ‘I’m not sure that monster can be defeated.’ ‘I have to keep hoping that Paladin will be defeated one day,’ said Branch. ‘Cabot always believed he would be.’ ‘Well, you believe whatever helps you sleep at night.’ Evergreen watched Branch fix his eyes on the forest trail and say, with a tremble in his voice, ‘To the evergreen tree—Where hope stands tall in triumph.'”

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