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My King is a dragon-slayer.

Tag: God'slove

  • Battling Heavy Emotions as a Christian Author

    It is often said that writers have tortured souls. I believe this is somewhat true. Here are two reasons why: As both a writer and an actress, it is my job to not only try to understand people but to experience the pleasures and the pains that they have experienced. What do I mean by…

  • Cancel Culture Versus God, Our Judge, Forgiver, Redeemer, and Our Hope

    Alright, friends. Buckle up. This one’s a long one. As one reads my posts, I believe one would consider most of them to be positive. Joy-filled. While this post is also positive and joy-filled, it deals with a hard truth that is offensive to many. As a sinner saved by grace and grace alone, I…

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