Jessica Christine Musgrove

Author. Singer. Actress.
My King is a dragon-slayer.

Tag: grace

  • Jesus Tasted Death

    Jesus tasted death for everyone. For every person standing before the cross, watching Him suffer. For the soldiers who nailed down His hands and feet. For the thieves, murderers, and perverse hearts. For the Jews and Gentiles. For every tribe, tongue, and nation. For those who delight in torturing and killing Christians. For those who…

  • I Am Not Enough, But God…

    I am not enough. That’s not a feel-good truth, But it’s Truth nonetheless. Truth I need to hear. Truth I must acknowledge. Truth I have experienced. I am not enough. The world tries to tell me I am. It tells me I’m beautifully imperfect, But I know all too well… There’s nothing beautiful about the…

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